23-year-old Christian Falero is accused of going on a stabbing spree in Washington Heights yesterday, stabbing four people at random yesterday. A witness says the earthquake made him do it. (Oh, also, he's crazy.)

A naked Falero terrorized his apartment building last night, knocking on random doors and stabbing residents who answered. He stabbed four people, killing an 81-year-old man, then ran into the street and started slashing at himself, according to witnesses.

One witness told the New York Post today that the rampage was sparked by yesterday's earthquake.

"He was reacting to the earthquake. He started shouting, 'The world is going to end! The world is going to end! I don't want to die!'" said Edwin Rivera, 62, whose 84-year-old mother Isabel was stabbed eight times by the psycho.

Falero suffered from mental illness and was a known drug user. Seems like pretty much anything would have set him off.

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