In your era-ending Wednesday media column: Jim Romenesko is semi-retiring, cartooning for The New Yorker is hard, the NYO broadsheet is here, a weather lady is scared of earthquakes, and newspapers have grown.

  • Jim Romenesko, America's first and only media blogger, tells Michael Calderone that he is going to semi-retire from Poynter's Romenesko site next year in favor of his own site,, which is "A blog about media ... and other things I'm interested in." Christ, it could be anything! At first we were like "Noooo!" but then we were like "eh, more for us." The point is, Jim Romenesko is a king among men. Have you ever seen Jim Romensko on a "Media Bachelor's List" and shit like that? Have you ever seen Jim Romenesko showing his ass in a New York Times Style piece? Have you ever seen Jim Romenesko posing for fashion photos? HAVE YOU? We're all just wannabes.
  • Interesting first person account by James Sturm about how difficult it is to get a cartoon into The New Yorker. Worth noting though, in a painfully direct manner: James Sturm's cartoons are fairly mediocre. Not that we could do any better!
  • The New York Observer's back to being a broadsheet again. It looks good! I mean, the cover story looks unbearable. But the broadsheet thing looks good.
  • Look at this funny video of a weather lady getting scared when the earthquake hits. Haha, funny weather lady! Real professional weatherpersons know it's their job to die, right there in the studio.
  • Here's a graph about the growth of newspapers. The more you know (about newspapers, the more boring you are.)