Not 24 hours after David Letterman delivered a jittery Top 10 devoted to jihadist death threats did Craig Ferguson, host of the lead-out show he produces, The Late Late Show, receive a "threatening" letter containing white powder. Two staffers at CBS Television City who came into contact with the substance were held in isolation, but were released after a hazardous materials team screened it and found it to be benign. Both the FBI and LAPD are currently investigating the letter, saying only that it originated in Europe.

The talk show host tweeted about the incident ("Ack! Someone mailed my show white powder & claimed it was anthrax. I'm not a big fan of that sort of thing."), and later peppered his show with references to it ("I was going to come out and talk about the earthquake...but the white powder did something much worse. It scared me.")

But seriously, white powder in envelopes? Um, 2001 called. It wants its — Damn! I forgot to warn it about 9/11. I knew there was something I wanted to tell 2001. [AP, photo via Getty]