Jay Leno's old prop has found his way to his very own starring role. Also today: Jeremy Piven writes the jokes himself, get ready to glimpse some Hunger Games, and Katie Couric has decided.

  • Ross the Intern, also known as "Ross Mathews," used to do a little gay soft-shoe on the Leno show a while back, and lately he's been doing a little gay soft-shoe on Chelsea Lately, but now he's going to do a little gay soft-shoe by his damn self! Yes, the Intern has signed a development deal with E! to do his very own talk show, one in which he'll interview celebrities and make jokes ripped from the headlines of Us Weekly's Fashion Police. So, good for him! In a related story, Carson Kressley has been given the anchor chair on the CBS Evening News. [THR]
  • Ha, oh god. A headline: "Jeremy Piven Producing Show About Glass Blowing." Uh. Also: the show will be called Blow. o_O Now, I'm sure you all expect me to make some sort of freebase cocaine joke here, because, you know, sushi poisoning, but I'm not. I'm not going to. You can do it if you want! Jeremy Piven loves glass blowing, is all I'm going to say here. He loves putting his lips to that glass and feeling that heat. That's all I'm saying! No more! You'll get no more outta me. [Deadline]
  • Ohhhoohhoohhh. Peeta come over here with that warm baguette of yours, because I am excited! MTV is going to air a first-look teaser kind of thing for the Hunger Games movie during their little "Videoed Musics Award" show this coming Sunday. We've all seen the pictures, and now those pictures will be moving! It's all very exciting. Gale! Come over here and put your arrow in my quiver, I'm all worked up! [EW]
  • The Rock, known sometimes by his stage name "Dwayne Johnson," has just sold, along with Jerry Bruckheimer, a pilot about professional wrestling to NBC. As is the latest craze, the thing is a period piece. No, not one, blessedly, about the 1960s. It's set in the '80s! Yes, that heady time when wrestlemania began soaring to its zenith and everyone had big hair and tore their spandex clothing off their bodies and rolled around all sweaty with other men. The Rock will not be on the show, though. He will only act as a producer. But you can damn well believe that Jason Momoa is already preparing his audition and resume, a process which chiefly involves whiting-out Conan the Barbarian. [THR]
  • After likely months of deliberation, celebrated chipmunk Katie Couric has finally found a name for her soon-to-be daytime talk show. What did she decide on? Was it Downtown Couric's Noonday Knobfest? Talkin' Balls with Lady Newsmonster? Titsy Today's Clambake? Attitudes? Nope. Shockingly, no. The weird, bizarre, vaguely offensive title she's decided on is: Katie. Whoa, Couric. Going for edgy, I see. I guess I get why it took so long. You sure you don't want to rethink Attitudes? OK, whatever. What do I know. [Deadline]
  • Woody Allen, continuing his old man Grand Tour through Europe, may film his next movie in Munich, Germany. Ohhhh yikes. Woody Allen (or some avatar of him) in Germany? I'm already tired thinking of all the Nazi jokes he's going to make. [THR]

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