In your shaky Tuesday media column: Carlos Slim loves the NYT again, ASNE downsizes, Al Sharpton's on TV to stay, the Fairness Doctrine is dead, and obligatory earthquake mention!

  • Uh oh, shady Mexican billionaire and newspapers hobbyist Carlos Slim is buying up New York Times stock again, now that the paper has repaid his subprime loan in full. The important thing is that Carlos Slim be involved one way or another in our nation's greatest newspaper. It's just best for everyone.
  • The American Society of News Editors is now downsizing to, essentially, one desk crammed in the back of a J-school office somewhere. Sad, but at least ASNE is reflective of the general business climate of its membership.
  • Al Sharpton has formally been named an MSNBC host now. Apparently the last couple months of him on MSNBC were just a "tryout." In that case, get more interesting now, Al.
  • It's official: The Fairness Doctrine is finally dead. Not to worry—fairness itself died long ago.
  • Oh my god, all the media people on the East Coast just had an earthquake!

[Photo via AP]