First it was Chuck E. Cheese, and now it's Tweety Bird. A Dallas mother is furious with the Six Flags Fiesta Texas amusement park after noticing that in a photo taken with her daughters, Tweety Bird appears to be giving the middle finger.

Aggrieved mother Iselda Alvarado told her local Fox affiliate the following:

I took my daughters to Six Flags in San Antonio. They took a picture with Tweety Bird and Tweety Bird is making an obscene hand gesture.

Just outrageous! And you can clearly see what she is talking about in the above photo. Why, Tweety Bird, why? Why must you ruin a cherished memory so? Was Sylvester taking the photo? Do you just not give a fuck anymore?

The sinister and shadowy Six Flags corporation has responded to the claim saying that it's all a misunderstanding, blaming it all on wardrobe issues, just as Chuck E. Cheese did:

The character only has four fingers, therefore it is impossible for the character to do that. The character was pointing not ‘giving the middle finger.' I am very sorry that the photo looks like he is ‘giving the middle finger' but in reality there is no way he can.

So they've designed the Tweety Bird suits to flip the forbidden fuck-finger to small children?? What kind of sicko operation are these Six Flags (just take away one letter and I think you'll know their true agenda) people running here? Why is everyone in America out to despoil children these days? I do not know when, dear readers, this aggression and depravity will cease, but I fear we are only touching the tip of the iceberg here. And we, unlike these lowlifes, are not touching it with our middle fingers. [Images via FoxDWF, Brent Schmidt/Flickr]