According to this CNN screenshot (apparently from Monday), Libyan rebels are advancing on Tripoli, Lebanon. Wrong continent, guys! They all do sort of look the same, if you are a 4th grader trying to pass her geography pop quiz.

Let's give them a break. It's hard when you're doing graphics for some bullshit in Africa, so far away from America, and it's not even a cool African country like Egypt, which at least has pyramids, and Facebook. Did CNN just Google "Tripoli" and throw the first result up on the screen? Probably not, because the first Google result for Tripoli is a news story about the historic uprising in Tripoli, Libya.

I guarantee if CNN had accidentally put up a picture of Santa Barbara, Mexico during its wall-to-wall coverage of Kim Kardashian's California wedding, the entire news department would be fired. Of course, it is Kim Kardashian's wedding, not some boring revolution. I mean, have you seen how shabbily dressed these rebels are? It's like they don't even care they're going to be on CNN. [via Republeaks]