Bennifer 2.0 has a bun in the oven. Will and Jada Smith might be breaking up. Amy Winehouse's toxicology report is complete. Katie Holmes has a "cupcake emergency." Tuesday gossip struggles to avoid the Kardashians.

  • Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck (Bennifer 2.0) are expecting a third child. They already two daughters, ages five and two, named Violet and Seraphina. The third child is necessary to complete the fantasy princess trilogy. Here is a picture of the "baby bump," which Garfleck debuted on a trip to American Girl Place. [People, Us, P6, images via Getty]
  • Amy Winehouse's toxicology report is complete: "There were no illegal substances in Amy's system at the time of her death." Alcohol was present, though. [NYPost]
  • Katie Holmes called a local cupcake shop with a last-minute "cupcake emergency." Her transformation to Real Housewife of Scientology Compound Number 62 is complete. [People]

This is what Brad Pitt's assistant looks like. Will Angelina destroy her, adopt her, or both? [Superficial, image via Flynet]

  • Lindsay Lohan got spilled watermlon bellini all over her white gown at the wedding reception for She Who Shall Not Be Named Because I'm So Damn Sick of Talking About Her Wedding. How are we still getting gossip from that event? It's like we're trapped in an endless post-wedding brunch, and some asshole is playing house music, loudly, and do you know how bad my hangover is? So bad. Turn the house music off, you asshole. [Gatecrasher]
  • Speaking of the event I am sick of talking about, two people who weren't contractually obligated to be there actually tried to gain entrance. Whyyyyyyy. [P6]
  • The Couple That Shall Not Be Named is on honeymoon, BTW. Europe. "Relaxed and at ease." "God is good." "Five camera guys everywhere." OK, I'm done with this, can we move on now? Please? [Us]
  • Natalie Portman's "first outing since bringing home baby": Sweat pants and hair in a bun, walking dog. [People]

This Celebrity Big Brother contestant had washboard abs implanted under his skin. "Basically it's the male version of a boob job." That is some fucked up ninja turtle weirdness. [DailyMail]

  • Demi Lovato had a "Sober is Sexy"-themed 19th birthday party. "Sober is Sexually Neutral But of Value Nonetheless" doesn't have the same ring to it. [P6]
  • Turns out baby daddy Benicio del Toro was in the room when Kimberly Stewart gave birth, after all. But was he able to keep his chronically droopy eyelids propped open? The world may never know. [Us]
  • Are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith breaking up? I don't know, because In Touch Weekly doesn't put articles online, and the magazine won't be out until tomorrow! But apparently that's what their cover story is going to be! Willow Terror Alert: Orange. []