Mitch Winehouse, the father of late singer Amy, is returning donations that fans made to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Why? Apparently because someone else is using the domain name he wanted.

Mitch said on Twitter that he was returning checks to fans wanting to fund the foundation (which would pay for people who said yes, yes, yes to rehab but couldn't afford it) because had already been registered by someone else. "We all have to bombard the tabloids websites to put pressure on this dick head who stole our foundation name," he said on Twitter referring to the cyber squatter. Um, can't you just come up with a different URL? Does it really, really, really have to be that one?

He then said that he hadn't created a bank account yet for the foundation because of the kerfuffle over the name. Say what? It's great that this guy wants to help people in need, but who is letting him run this thing? There seem to be logical answers to all of these problems, and he can't come up with one. Instead, he's turning away money when fans have been moved to help do something in Amy's name. I think I'm going to set up a foundation to help people who don't know how the hell to set up foundations.

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