Ever since John Galliano flamed out and was fired as head designer for Dior after an anti-Semitic rant, the historic French fashion house has been without a creative director. Apparently very American (and ironically very Jewish) designer Marc Jacobs might fill the position.

It would make sense that Jacobs is in talks to fill Galliano's shoes. Dior is owned by LVMH, which also owns Jacobs' Marc Jacobs line and Louis Vuitton, where he is head designer. According to Women's Wear Daily, if Jacobs gets the job, he'd still design his own line, but would step down from figuring out which flat surfaces to slap LV's famous logo on.

As much as I love Marc Jacobs the person, I've never been bowled over by Marc Jacobs the designer, and his American style might not be the best fit for the Parisian luxury brand. Other designers that were being considered, like Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton and Balenciaga's clash of vowels Nicolas Ghesquiere, might have been a better fit, but both have reportedly bowed out of the race.

So, we're back to Jacobs. This could be another brilliant chapter in Dior's coffee table book of couture, or it could be a historical disaster. But knowning Jacobs, at least it won't be boring!

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