Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi's reign is crumbling; two of his sons have been captured. But as rebels besiege Qaddafi's Bab Azaziya compound, nobody knows where the gristle-headed strongman is. Is he cowering beneath a human shield of Amazonian bodyguards in his compound? Is he sneaking off to Venezuela?

According to the Telegraph, Qaddafi, 42-time finalist on Africa's Next Top Notorious Dictator, has vanished. But not before a final crazy speech. He was "last heard by the outside world making a series of desperate radio broadcasts, calling on the women of tripoli to defend their city against rebels." Hey, at least he's a feminist.

There are a number of possible scenarios for where Qaddafi is, or might end up:

  • He's holed up in his compound to be dragged out by the rebels, eventually.
  • Two popular theories: He's in Tunisia, or Algeria.
  • Last night, Twitter said Qaddafi was dead. But that's what Twitter always says.
  • He's going to try to sneak off to Venezuela and have a permanent sleepover with his BFF Hugo Chavez.
  • The Daily Beast says South Africa is "emerging as a contender," though South African media says they won't grant him asylum.

For any country that might think of hosting Qaddafi, it's the world's worst game of "hot potato." Mainly in that Qaddafi's head looks a lot like a potato. Everyone place your bets as to Qaddafi's whereabouts in the comments. [Image via AP]