"Xanadu" was the original name of a plan dreamed up by Satan to blight the earth, in the form of an outrageously large, atrociously garish, criminally expensive, and blatantly unwanted shopping mall in New Jersey, Satan's earthly dominion. It costs nearly $4 billion! It's been in the process of being built for eight years! And it's still not finished, because nobody wants it! So... why don't you pay for it?

The WSJ says that the developers of Xanadu Hellmart, now rebranded as (instant classic oxymoron) "American Dream at Meadowlands," are asking for $800 million in public tax-free financing, which could end up costing some cities and the state of New Jersey millions in lost tax revenue. Because New Jersey has lots of spare money lying around, and it is of course the responsibility of you, the American pauper, to support Satan's Shopping Center with your tax dollars. But there is a benefit!

[Developers] Triple Five-which built the Mall of America in Minnesota-says it would use the funds to significantly enlarge the already huge project and make it a major tourist destination, complete with an indoor water park and an indoor ski slope.

Just give your money to this HellMall, taxpayers, and hell will freeze over. Then you can go skiing.

[WSJ. Photo: LancerE/ Flickr]