Libyan Colonel Muammar Qaddafi is enjoying his last tango in Tripoli (or Venezuela, or Zimbabwe) while rebels search for him and fight pockets of regime loyalists in the city. Since he finally seems to be on the ropes, here's a quick look back at the Brother Leader. [Image via AP]

Kids... don't do drugs. [Image via AP]

Weekend at Bernie's 3, starring Hosni Mubarak as the corpse of Bernie Lomax. [Image via AP]

Fashion forward. [Images via AP]

"Get me the fuck outta here. This is creepy."
[Image via AP]

Bonfire with Putin. [Image via Getty]

Louis Farrakhan: Always on the right side of history. [Image via AP]

Alone time. [Image via Getty]

Silvio Berlusconi begs Qaddafi for scraps. [Image via Getty]

Zenga Zenga. [Image via Getty]

The Colonel. [Image via Getty]

No comment. [Image via AP]