If mass graves filled with the bodies of murdered tourists haven't dissuaded you from making Acapulco your vacation/honeymoon/extramarital affair destination yet, this might do the trick: headless corpses have been turning up all over the seaside town, according to Mexican authorities.

The death toll includes "two decapitated and scalped bodies" that were cut up into pieces and left outside a Sam's Club, and three other headless bodies left in a car parked by the main tourist drag. Nobody knows where the heads have gone, but the faces and scalps of the "two decapitated and scalped bodies" were stuffed into a purse and left at the scene. Not really the kind of thing that a typical Sam's Club shopper's looking for (i.e. gigantic jars of mayonnaise and pickles).

Such news of ghastly horror-violences comes as no surprise to Greta van Susteren, who has tried to draw attention to the terror in Mexico "over and over and over again for last several years." But you were all too busy trying to use her to get to Sarah Palin to even listen.

[Fox News, image via AP]