Rogue Ron Paul supporter Robert Morrow took out a full-page ad in an Austin alt-weekly to ask a question: "Have you had sex with Rick Perry?" If you are a "stripper," "escort," or "young hottie" who has enjoyed a tall glass of that sweet Texas tea known as Gov. Rick Perry, then the Committee Against Sexual Hypocrisy (CASH) would like a word with you. "Is it a real group? No. It's just me," Morrow tells Salon.

Good news: There is now a bounty on Governor Goodhair sex stories.
Bad news: If anyone ever comes forward with a Governor Goodhair sex story, he can now say "Ron Paul paid her to say that."

As a completely disinterested, wholly objective third party in this matter, I strongly caution against sending Rick Perry sex stories to CASH. Send them to instead.

Feel free to write your own Rick Perry erotica in the comments section. [Salon, image via Getty]