Yes, ladies and germs, you might just be seeing a little more of Mr. Manganiello. Also today: bad news for Kat Von D, good news for Josh Groban, and this summer is going to save the movie industry.

  • Last season, HBO's True Blood ordered another side of beef and it came in the form of Joe Manganiello, playing a werewolf with the cleaning product name Alcide. He takes off his clothes a lot and bored kittycat ladies the nation over cream their Hanes Her Ways. Well, now it's time to see Joe Manganiello naked again! He's close to signing on for a role in Steven Soderbergh's male stripper movie Magic Mike. Sexxxy. Bear in mind that this movie already stars Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, and, most sexily of all, Matt Bomer. [ring ring] [ring ring] "Hello, thank you for calling the Landmark Uptown theater in beautiful Minneapolis, how can I help you?" "Yes, hi, I'd like to reserve a week's worth of tickets to Magic Mike." "Well, m'am-" "Sir. Sir." "Oh I'm terribly sorry. What I was saying, sir, is that tickets aren't on sale for that yet, but I can certainly put your name down and we'll give you a call when they are." "That'd be great. I just need one ticket per show, a week solid should do it." "Great, and the name?" "That's Marcus, m-a-r-c-u-s, last name's Bachmann, spelled like it sounds only with a special extra spicy "N" at the end. I like a little extra in the end, if you know what I'm saying." "I believe I do, sir. I believe I do." [THR]
  • Fox has bought a TV show pitch called Gorilla Time that is described as such: "an ensemble comedy about a group of friends in their mid thirties who've each hit a crossroads in their lives and embark on the adventure of trying to reinvent themselves. No holds barred. Eating what they want, drinking what they want and sleeping with who they want. Basically like a Gorilla." So I get the concept for the show, like yeah, it'd be fun to fantasize about going hog-wild when every societal pressure tells you you should be "settling down." Sure, that makes sense. But, uh, the gorilla comparison seems strange? I feel like if the show was about a bunch of sad thirtysomethings who decided to go live on a mountainside and eat bananas and pound their chests and say "pink pink stink nice drink" a lot, that would make sense. But that is not what this show is about. This show is about college students. It should be called College Student Time. Is this a Japanese show? Anything [blank] Time sounds Japanese to me. "Next week on Spider Time..." See what I mean? [Deadline]
  • Kat Von D is not having a good month. First she breaks up with badboy biker Jesse James, and then TLC tells her that her show LA Ink has been canceled. Man oh man. That sucks. I guess the one silver lining for her is that she broke up with Jesse James. That's pretty great for her. And for us, we probably don't need to hear much about Kat Von D anymore. So actually everyone's having a great month! [EW]
  • Though movie receipts are down over all for this year, this summer is seeing some major record-breaking box office. The season's total haul is likely to top out around $4.5 billion this summrahtime, the highest of any year on record. Well, uh, duh, that's because everything is in 3D this summer and 3D tickets cost approx. $40,000 each. Plus you got the popcorn and the sody pops and all them jujus and hoohoos and whizzamabob candies they got there in the conseshman stand and before ya know it yer payin' a darn college education just to go see the dang Snurfs in 3D. It's downright outrageous. And don't even get me started on politics, amirite ladies and gents? I'm right. I am right. [Reuters]
  • Professional old people pleaser Josh Groban has been cast as Ed Helms' brother for a guest role on The Office. (Yesterday we heard that Stephen Collins and Dee Wallace will play his parents.) So that's interesting. Groban played a small part in Crazy Stupid Love and was actually pretty funny, so I think this could be good. And since Ed Helms' character is very musical, I'd imagine there will be some sort of singing. Yay! That'll be great, I'm excited and- Oh, fuck it, who am I kidding. This show is going to be poop-garbage without Steve Carell and they really should have canceled it. Fuh. [Deadline]
  • AMC is doing a Western, so now TNT is doing a Western. TNT's will be called Gateway and is about an old abandoned computer line for cows three brothers who have to take over the defense of their town after their dad, the sheriff, is murdered. Gosh, everyone's always getting murdered in Westerns. Just once I'd like to see a Western about good times and singin' and dancin' and the like. Oh wait! [THR]

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