Hypochondriacs stop reading now, because there is an outbreak of deadly brain-eating amoebas. OK, only three cases so far, but still, there is a scary parasite out there in lakes and ponds just waiting to eat out your brain like a little zombie. Not even neti pots are safe!

This amoeba has killed a boy in Virginia and a girl in Florida after they both went swimming in warm lakes. Apparently they prove to be a breeding ground for this deadly infection.

A third man in Louisiana also died after using tap water for his neti pot, which is that crazy sinus-clearing device where you pour water in one nostril and it comes out the other side. Apparently his pipes were growing the little critters, but none of the amoebas were found in the general water supply. So, for the rest of the summer only go swimming in pools...heavily chlorinated pools...while wearing nose plugs.

[Image of amoebas that may or may not eat your brain via Shutterstock]