Kim Kardashian's wedding, complete with Justin Bieber and dresses and a cake priced at $20,000+, will be a thoroughly Hollywood affair. But it wouldn't have been possible without Silicon Valley's indulgence.

Kardashian's union with NBA player Kris Humphries will take place in Montecito, Calif., north of Los Angeles, amid the vast lawns and intricate Italianate gardens of venture capital kingpin Frank Caufield, according to the hardcore mansion junkie behind Real Estalker. "The meticulous grounds include a north/south tennis court, an indoor swimming pool plus a 25-meter outdoor pool," said the site.

Or maybe the wedding will take place next door, on Google chairman Eric Schmidt's estate? It depends on who you ask. Either way, it's fitting that the host will be a tech mogul from Silicon Valley, which from Google to Netflix to Apple on down is courting showbiz these days; and that the guest of honor will be one of the reality TV stars who's helping to make Hollywood productions increasingly like something you might find on YouTube. If Hollywood and the Valley are to be joined, this is as good a place as any to start. Now we just have to get some geeky tech billionaire hooked up with a lithe starlet, somehow, and the real romance that begins Saturday will be complete.

[Photo of Caufield's estate via Real Estalker]