The death of a reality TV star inspires ruthless rumors. Prince Harry breaks up with his lingerie model girlfriend. Kevin Federline's fifth child is born. Lindsay Lohan goes surfing. Abandon all hope ye who enter Wednesday gossip.

  • Following the suicide of Russell Armstrongshady Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member and estranged ex-husband of RHOBH star-with-a-suspicious-past Taylor Armstrong—Bravo has reportedly stopped filming the series, but no word how they'll proceed from here. The soul-crushing tabloid frenzy, however, carries on at a uniquely sleazy fever pitch of awful. (Warning: Reading this item will fill you with despair.) TMZ published an "eyewitness" account of Taylor finding her husband in the home of a friend he had been staying with; the friend "peered through Russell's bedroom window and saw his lifeless body hanging." Us confirms that Taylor and her assistant were present when the body was discovered. Russell's ex is on the record saying Taylor is "the reason for this… bad news and she drove him into this." Another friend is on the record says Russell told him reality TV "ruined" his "entire life," and was particularly torn up about a report that he had abused his wife.

    Meanwhile, Radar claims Russell was upset that "secrets about his sexual preference… were about to be revealed." Christ. Reality has finally caught up to the opening scene of Nicole Kidman's terrible Stepford Wives remake, in which emotionally ravaged reality stars start dying, everyone freaks out and the conservative culture backlash goes nuclear. [TMZ, TMZ, Us, Radar, Radar, image via Getty]
  • There's no good way to transition from the previous item, but, ah, Kevin Federline's "competitive volleyball player" girlfriend gave birth to a girl, her first child and his fifth, with three different women. [People]
  • Kim Kardashian's bridesmaids are going to wear green to her wedding. Hmmm. The cake will cost $15,000, they expect to consume 720 bottles of wine, and Kim had to "disinvite" 50 people to meet fire marshal regulations. [@KourtneyKardash, People, Celebitchy]

On the heels of her sullen Hedi Slimane photoshoot, Frances Bean Cobain did an old-fashioned Hollywood-y one with Rocky Schenk. Cigarettes appear to be the Frances Bean Cobain prop of choice. [Grazia, Jezebel]

  • Prince Harry reportedly broke up with his lingerie model socialite girlfriend Florence Brudenell-Bruce, even though she was "popular without the royal household" in spite of the whole boudoir-photos-in-her-undies thing. [Mirror]

Arnold Schwarzenegger looks violent even when he eats ice cream. [Daily Mail, image via Flynet]

  • A fight broke out at a club where Zoe Saldana was out dancing, and "I knew exactly I what I was going to do. Kick this door, grab this, move that guy out of the way. Then I started laughing: Oh, my god, I still have [action movie character] Cataleya in my system." That's nothing, you should have seen her nightlife after Avatar. All tentacle sex, all the time. [GQ]
  • When it comes to corrupting influences that wear black leather and are covered in tattoos and inspire squeaky-clean middle-aged blondes to do crazy stuff like get their first tattoos, Brad Pitt : Angelina Jolie :: Jennifer Aniston : Justin Theroux. Jen is growing a mid-life-crisis beard as we speak. [Us]

Lindsay Lohan went surfing for a photoshoot. The best pictures are the ones of her smoking cigarettes in a wet suit, but we don't have the rights to publish those pictures, so here's her wave-riding O-face, instead. [Daily Mail, image via INF]