Jack from Will & Grace is working on a new TV show, about gay things. Also today: Jim Belushi is heading back to television, Bradley Cooper makes a wise decision, and there are too many Jeff Buckleys.

  • TV's Sean Hayes, a gay person who is gay, is coming back to the little screen! Screw that Broadway racket, he's too gay for it anyway. So yes, it's back to his beloved NBC where they are developing a show for him about a guy who has to suddenly raise a 12-year-old and, guessssssss what, the guy? He's gay. Yerp. And he has a gay lover who is also gay. Sounds pretty gay to me! Just send Chris Colfer rolling by on rollerskates in his sateen onesie and you've basically got Palm Springs on a Sunday afternoon right there. Tres geigh. I wonder if Sean Hayes will ever be allowed to play straight? And, more importantly, I wonder why NBC thinks it's a good idea to reboot My Two Dads, only with Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan kissing each other. I mean, that's already been written. (Yes, the phrase "my two dads slash fic" is now in my Google history. Thanks a lot, everyone.) Oh well. Good for Sean Hayes! [EW]
  • Speaking of sitcom stars returning to the airwaves, or at least hoping to, According to Jim genius Jim Belushi is working on a new sitcom with Murphy Brown creator Diane English. (PS there's Murphy Brown fanfic too.) So, terrific. Why don't we bring back everyone from Still Standing too and call it the early 2000s all over again. Let's all revel in the juicy core of our mediocrity, everyone! There's enough for everybody! [Deadline]
  • The blood clot has gone away and Bradley Cooper has once again regained full mental faculty and said "Holy shit, no! Oh god no" and dropped out of The Crow, a movie he was supposed to star in. So that's good. Good for him. Wise decision, I think. He doesn't exactly scream undead goth superhero assassin to me, y'know? He's more undead preppy zombie tennis pro. He's undead metro mummy ad exec. He's a little more straightforward, in the undead world, is what I'm saying. [THR]
  • Big Love actor Bill Paxton-Pullman has been cast alongside Kevin Costner in the History Channel's big Hatfields and McCoys miniseries Vendetta. He'll play the ringleader of the McCoys to Costner's Hatfield. That seems like a good role for ol' Paxton-Pullman. And it'll be fun to see him squaring off against the Cost. Now if we can just get Juliana Hatfield to do the music, I think we'll be in good shape on this one. [Deadline]
  • Oh thank god. Your favorite show, MTV's scripted teen comedy Kurt Loder's Sad Old Life Awkward has been renewed for a second season. Where Skins failed, Awkward succeeds. Who could ever have guessed it? And while we're on the topic of MTV's scripted programming, uh, what's the bullshit with episode 8 of Teen Wolf not being available for viewing on the website until August 18th? I gotta know what happens to Wolfsy and Stupid and Girl and the rest of the gang. Seriously! I've formed a new, late-onset addiction to this damn show and they're just torturing me! What will Sporto do when he finds out that Abs is a werewolf that lives in an old half-house in the woods? These are questions that I need answered, pronto. Get it together, MTV. [THR]
  • Good grief. Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark wailer Reeve Carney has been cast as Jeff Buckley in a planned biopic about the late singer. So if you're keeping track at home, that means that both the flop twink from Julie Taymor's Times Square Takedown and Penn Badgley, who plays Dana on Gossip's Girls, will be playing Jeff Buckley in movies. And there's a third biopic in the works! Who are they gonna get for that one, Sterling Knight? It's all ridiculous. Though, admittedly, Carney does look quite a bit like Mr. Buckley. But still! Still. The only person who should play Jeff Buckley should be Jeff Buckley. Sorry, everyone. [EW]

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