Here's a trailer for the bawdy new period sex (historical period, grossies) comedy Hysteria, about the invention of the vibrator. Mr. Claire Danes himself Hugh Dancy plays a young man tasked with calming the nerves of hysterical women by, well, giving them the big one.

This will all feel (heh, feel!) very familiar to theater types, as it covers basically the exact same ground as Sarah Ruhl's recent hit play In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play). That was a bit more serious, I guess, than this light-seeming affair, which has Maggie Gyllenhaal sporting a wobbly British accent and an almost unrecognizable Rupert Everett hiding behind a bramble of facial hair. And there, of course, front and center is the rosy-cheeked Mr. Dancy, who's not quite had his big moment in the biz yet but probably deserves it. Not sure this is the picture to do it, though. It's all a bit ribald!