Did you know Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has a Huffington Post column? Whereas most celebrity Huffington Post columnists say nothing in as many words as possible, Larry Flynt says nothing in as few words possible. His post today on online privacy is a strange masterpiece of brevity.

Here is one of the two paragraphs that make up the post.

The Feds have no problem letting companies collect and exploit our personal information because it makes running a surveillance state that much easier to do. Whenever the government wants to find out what weird shit you're up to on the Internet, guess what ­they're going to find out? You can thank Google, Facebook, Walmart and all the other megacorps for that.
Be alert: Big Brother is watching you.

There is one other paragraph, and it's basically exactly the same. In fact this post is now probably longer than the original. Thank you, Larry Flynt: There's something strangely refreshing about someone being so inanely brief on the internet, about a topic so overly-written about as internet privacy.

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