Lindsay "thinks Paris is the coolest person on the planet," and wants to seduce her. Salma Hayek promises to spoil her daughter. Jay-Z tips $50,000. Tara Reid's mysterious marriage explained. Tuesday gossip yearns.

  • Lindsay Lohan recently revived her friendship with Paris Hilton via 4AM party sessions at Paris' Malibu beach house, but is it just friendship? Egads, Batman! Both have bisexual tendencies! Quick, to the National Enquirer!
  • The famous "frenemies" have been partying again recently, and Lindsay, 25, has a "huge crush" on the 30-year-old reality star, confides an insider. "Lindsay chased after her several years ago and now that they're friends again, she's more attracted to her than ever. She thinks Paris is the coolest person on the planet."

Lohan and Hilton feuded for years as they competed for boyfriends, but they recently pathced up their differences. "Lindsay gets really giggly and bashful around Paris, and she's constantly flirting with her," revealed the insider. "Paris is a natural flirt as well, and the rekindled relationship has raised eyebrows throughout Hollywood. It's unlikely Paris would be interested in anything more than a friendship, but she loves being the object of affection and attention."

This is straight out of Penthouse letters. "Girls, girls, please don't fight over me. Oh, you're going to kiss and make up now? With your shirts off? If you insist…"

"Lindsay was partying with Paris until 4AM the other night, and then the next morning Paris was the first person she wanted to call."

The 4AM detail makes it seem like they read the other reports then concocted a dream scenario, but it's still a pretty good rumor! LiLo has a "single white female" vibe to her, and Paris had that whole naked-in-fishnets BFF phase with Britney, so who knows, maybe this scene from your erotic celebrity fan fiction blog will come true, after all. [National Enquirer print edition, images via Getty and Bauer-Griffin]

Tara Reid's weird wedding explained: She got married hours after getting engaged to a random giant-ring-buying rich guy who works in finance, which is why her publicist was confused and thought maybe she was marrying the rich guy she dated before this rich guy, or maybe the rich guy she dated before that? Tara Reid-Kehayov got married on the beach in Greece, in a dress with exposed midriff. Mazel tov! [Life & Style]

  • Jon Gosselin is very relieved that his ex-wife's reality show got canceled because he is no longer in it he craves "privacy." [Radar]
  • Jay-Z dropped $250K and at Miami nightclub, then tipped $50K. [Radar]
  • Jessica Simpson is contemplating postponing her wedding, because she is too fat: "She gave herself one year to get in perfect shape, but now the wedding is just a few months away—and she's panicking." "She was rethinking her plans because she fears that she won't look good in a wedding dress." She really gets the worst rumors, doesn't she? [Celebitchy]

The Kardashians kopied a Botkier purse for their Kardashian Kollection line for Sears, prompting the department store to pull the bag from their website. [Fashionista, BotkierBlog]

  • Adam Levine slams American Idol's tacit homophobia during an interview with Out: "What's always pissed me off about Idol is wanting to mask that, for that to go unspoken. C'mon. You can't be publicly gay? At this point? On a singing competition? Give me a break. You can't hide basic components of these people's lives." Though I agree with him, Levine's relationship with the gay community has always struck me as a bit contrived, like the episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia when they accidentally turn the bar into a gay bar, and Dennis becomes addicted to the sexual attention and get cheered every time he takes his shirt off. [Out]
  • Salma Hayek on raising her daughter: "I never understood the point of being privileged if you don't get to have the privileges. Like, people who won't take their kids to an expensive restaurant, or won't travel with them, or make them pay for everything at a really young age." Pay for your own damn formula, baby! What, you want a fresh diaper? Let's see you pony up some cash, hmm? [Allure]

Hollywood child bride Courtney Stodden did a Pamela Anderson-inspired photoshoot, and accompanied it with this tweet: "A soft sensation sweetly kisses my body as I prepare for a sexy hot photo shoot this afternoon. What a breathtaking morning it has been! ;-)" I don't know if I can talk about this girl anymore. It's too disturbing. [@CourtneyStodden]

  • Isaac Hanson, of the band Hanson, gave an interview for some reason, and said the guys from Kings of Leon are "pricks": "I have a hard time with musicians who act like pr—ks because it just makes me mad. If you're actually making a living doing it [making music], pinch yourself every day, because it goes if you don't love it and people will eventually get pissed off. I'm going to call somebody out on it—the Kings of Leon are running some risks. They're irritating people and you can't do that too much. Eventually the bad boy image affects fans' willingness to show up." As a former member of Hanson, Isaac is an expert on "bad boy image," and the handling of "pricks." [NYDN]
  • Kobe Bryant got into a physical altercation at church. He thought some guy took a picture of him. [TMZ]