A job for you, perpetually outraged internet hordes! In the New York Times today, Joe Sharkey writes a purely anecdotal story suggesting that the TSA may be racially profiling protecting Americans by patting down black women's hair. Is it true?

Sharkey has two separate stories from black women with natural hair who say their hair was patted down by airport security screeners even though they set off no alarms in the scanner, and while other (whiter) women were allowed to pass through without the same treatment. Haha, and you know when it comes to black women's hair, fellas, [Mo'Nique comedy routine cut and pasted here]!

But seriously, internet: Is this an actual trend, or merely "a few bad apples" with a hair-touching fetish? The world must know. Have you seen or experienced any racial profiling by TSA agents—hair-related or otherwise? (I can certainly see a "We do not profile at all based on hair. Only on skin," type of unspoken policy in place, hypothetically speaking!)

Put your experiences in the comments, or email me. The truth shall out.

[Photo: AP]