Karl Rove, whose job for the past couple of years has been to raise tens of millions of dollars to elect extreme Republican candidates to federal office, is starting to fear that the Republican presidential field is becoming too extreme.

Rove went on Fox News today to issue a fairly obvious warning to the remaining viable Republican candidates — Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and Mitt Romney — about going so far to the right during primary season that they'll scare off most general election voters:

"You don't want these candidates moving so Right in the Republican primary that it becomes impossible for them to win the general election, because it will become a self-defeating message in the primary.

People want to win. They don't want somebody who goes so far to the extremes of either party that they lack a chance to carry a victory off in November."

It will be interesting to see where Rove and other Bush administration flacks and donors land, since they don't especially care for Rick Perry. Will they rally around Romney, creating the ultimate Tea Party vs. Establishment ratfucking war to determine the nomination? Let's hope so, because politics is kind of boring right now. Bring back the debt ceiling fight! Wait, no.