In your maudlin Monday media column: CNN has more 9/11 documentaries than you can shake a stick at, Patch is incredibly expensive, 23 more newspapers get paywalls, the Richmond newspaper shrugs off an ad-stravaganza, and a French newspaper caper.

  • In honor of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, CNN is producing four separate 9/11 documentaries. Hmmm. Is that enough 9/11 documentaries, though? For America?
  • Do you know how much, the network of hyperlocal news sites, costs AOL each year to operate? One hundred and sixty million dollars! Good lord. Uh.... I'm sure that investment will pay off. It could!
  • The staff at the Richmond Times-Dispatch was scandalized by a huge ad that covered the paper's entire front page yesterday, but the publisher tells Romenesko that the reaction was actually "a real snoozer." Haha! That guy does not give a fuck.
  • Ha, newspaper owner MediaNews is instituting online paywalls at 23 of its smaller newspapers across the country. Online paywalls are going to become the commonly accepted standard, just as we told you! Journalism is not free, you greed bastards!
  • The French paper Le Monde ran a 12-part "fictional" series of stories on what would happen if a currency collapsed, and French bank Societe Generale blames this in part for the plunge of its stock. Someone, somewhere, on one side or the other of this story, is incredibly dumb. Maybe us?

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