Everyone loves a good roommate horror story. This one is a classic in the genre. What would you do if you got an email from your new roommate offering to cover some of your rent? Don't answer until you've read the whole email.

A tipster writes:

I moved to NYC one month ago and moved into a nice apartment with nice roommates - or so I thought. I would not have moved in if I knew that I would be living with a couple, but I had thought I was moving in with a gay male and a woman who were simply sharing a room to save money. I have since moved out…

Why would she move out? Here's the email her male roommate sent her:


I just wanted to say that i'm glad you are adjusting here and everything is going well. I'm writing basically because, well I wanted to ask you something that I was pretty embarrassed about asking while we were talking before. I was wondering if it was ok if I could reimburse part of your rent... I don't want anything in return from you at all, thats kind of the purpose, its kind of hard to explain...

I'm basically a submissive person, in all aspects of my life and I like to submit to other people, i guess its just what makes me really happy in life. If I was able to reimburse some part of your rent or other monthly expenses, I could get that feeling constantly, through being financially submissive to you, if that makes any sense. Of course I'm embarrassed to have actually asked this, and I actually regret this and I apologize ahead of time if I shouldn't have asked you this, and if it makes you uncomfortable in any way, but no one ever got anything without asking, so well I asked for better or worst.... [Girlfriend's name - redacted] would kill me if she knew I asked you this, so I'd appreciate your discretion either way.

If not, its perfectly fine and doesn't change anything, and hopefully not on your side either. If I don't hear from you, I'll assume you are not interested and that's that. Anyway tks for listening and im really sorry if I should not have sent this..

- [Redacted]

If this guy was smart, he would have just undercharged her for the room on Craigslist, and nobody would have been the wiser. Anyway, our tipster should count herself lucky that the worst roommate experience she's likely to have involves him trying to give her money for no reason. If only everyone had that problem.

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