Given his warpaint, dark clothing, and facial expression that captures the angst and existential suffering of humankind, you might assume that this exuberant young man belongs to Homo sapiens juggalo—whose ranks have been gathering in southern Illinois this weekend to drink Faygo and pelt Charlie Sheen with trash.

As it turns out, he's an attendee of the Bloodstock heavy metal music festival, which took place in Walton-on-Trent in the UK this weekend. While Juggalos on these shores enjoyed the talents of Sheen, Dustin Diamond, MC Hammer, and Vanilla Ice, among others, Bloodstockers over in England made the devil sign for Motorhead, Blackie Lawless and W.A.S.P., Angel Witch, Skeletonwitch, Imnotawitch, and other bands that used to freak out everybody's parents, back when innocence still existed. Many of the metalheads also dressed up quite nicely, as the following pics show. [Image Bethany Clarke via Getty]

This is how metal clowns dance. [Image Bethany Clarke via Getty]

Bloodstock brings skeletons together to share their feelings and validate each other's need for intimacy. The skeleton at left puts his arm around his friend's shoulder, suggesting a brother-like closeness. [Image Bethany Clarke via Getty]

This man purchased his glasses from Lady Gaga at her annual discount eye-wear sale, which benefits the March of Dimes. [Image Bethany Clarke via Getty]

Metalheads celebrate their Viking heritage. After posing for this photo, they shared a snack of lutefisk and Forkbeard Pale Ales. [Image Bethany Clarke via Getty]

Probably a Jethro Tull fan. [Image Bethany Clarke via Getty]

Modelling this summer's trendy looks for metalheadettes: subtle eye makeup and steampunk goggle headwear. [Image Bethany Clarke via Getty]

Traditionalists. [Image Bethany Clarke via Getty]