Joining the Tour de Grift Express, the Buss de Bachmann, and all the other Republican buses burning up fuel on America's highways this summer (don't worry, it's probably all biodiesel) is this sleek new model just unveiled by the Rick Perry campaign in Iowa. Grand!

The folks over at the Daily Kos totally predicted the Perry bus's existence, though the end result does differ significantly from the Texascentric model they designed. Instead of featuring "the Constitution of the Confederate States of America or the 1861 Texas Declaration of Secession" on its sides, Perry's campaign battleship goes for a no-frills look dominated by black (which suggests anarchy) and accented on its back end with red and blue. No parchment documents, no American flags, no Confederate flags, no Lone Star flags, no eagles—just bold, simple color. Oh, and two texty things: "Get America Working Again," and "Perry/President."

Hopefully interior shots of the bus will emerge in time, showcasing the bus's likely features: a mini-shooting range, an indoor barbecue set, a massage chair, and a Bowflex. Oh, and did you expect me to list "hair dryer" as well? I will not.

[Daily Kos, New York Times. Image via NYT]