Five people were killed on Saturday night when strong winds caused a stage at the Indiana state fair to collapse, minutes before the band Sugarland was scheduled to perform.

According to the Indianapolis Star, the fair's executive director and the state troopers had made the decision to evacuate the crowd after seeing "an ugly storm moving in on radar." But the winds appear to have preceded the storm itself, and even though some crowd members "sensed the danger and left," no official evacuation had started when the stage ultimately fell.

This video (Warning: It's graphic) gives a good sense of the scale of the accident and the size of the crowd (not to mention the sheer horror of watching the stage collapse)—given both of which it's nearly unbelievable that only five people were killed. Fairgoers were able to free everyone who was trapped under the stage within 20 minutes; dozens more were injured, including a 17-year-old who reportedly broke his back and may be paralyzed. The fair has been cancelled today, and may or may not resume tomorrow.

[Indianapolis Star; video via Reddit, image via the1Nephilim]