A "friend" of George Soros says the 81-year-old Hungarian mogul used to make his Brazilian ex-girlfriend Adriana Ferreyr sit at the children's table during his Sunday brunches in the Hamptons—ostensibly because she's 28, which is very young.

Very young if you're 81 years old, anyway. Did Ferreyr get to eat what the adults ate, or was she served something gross and kids' meal-like—like chicken nuggets and French fries, or beefaroni, or a hot dog? Did she get a packet of crayons and a paper place mat to draw on? Did her American Girl Doll get its own place setting? Soros' "friend" doesn't elaborate, but gives The Daily the quick rundown on the billionaire's bizarro seating arrangements:

"He always had one table for the men, one for the women, and one for the kids," said a friend of the Hungarian investing guru. "The Brazilian was always seated at the kids' table, and she didn't look too happy."

Ferreyr's now suing Soros for $50 million because he didn't give her a $1.9 million apartment that he promised her, and also maybe beat her. In an interview with the New York Post today, the "curvy cutie" talks about the events leading up to her lawsuit and spills some details about her five-year relationship with Soros—describing him as "respectful and loveable" and asserting that they had "a happy, normal relationship." Are you sure about that, girlfriend?

[The Daily, NYP. Images via Getty]