Violence Alert! CNN's Don Lemon says he tried to ask GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann some questions after she speechified to the corn dog-munching masses at the Iowa State Fair, but was shoved by Marcus Bachmann and two campaign aides.

Lemon—who, unlike indisputably heterosexual silver fox Marcus Bachmann, happens to be gay—says all he was trying to do was ask Bachmann "very respectful" questions, when two blonde lady campaign aides started "elbowing" him:

"I told them, asked them not to elbow me. And then her husband Marcus started doing the same thing. And then he elbowed me into [a golf] cart. And I said, ‘You just pushed me into the cart.' And he goes, ‘No, you did it yourself.'

Sometimes, when you can't pray the gay away, you can try pushing the gay away. This is possibly a technique Bachmann learned at reparative therapy school.

Bachmann's press secretary didn't deny any of the Lemon-shoving, only saying that "Our number one priority is the safety and protection of Michele Bachmann." Well, she is the queen, after all.