Nationwide civil unrest hasn't come full circle until racist fringe groups come out to point fingers and promote xenophobic vigilantism. And that's where the English Defence League comes in! The group was all set to march on the streets of Telford this weekend in order "to address the threat posed by Muslim child-grooming gangs." Oh, but the British Home Secretary Theresa May today said, "It is clear that a ban is needed to ensure communities and property are protected."

But is it fair to call the EDL racists? Maybe they aren't a bunch of ignorant white dudes with shaved heads and bad attitudes. Here's what they had to say about the Telford rally:

But these crimes are not about race. There is no dangerous ideology of hatred and division sweeping Black, White or Asian communities. In modern Britain extremism exists predominately in the Muslim Community, and not in any community differentiated by race. We know this because we hear about it every day – the countless and continued examples of Islam being cited as the inspiration for various acts of extremism.

Well, it's not really racist if you hate 1.5 billion people because you're scared of their religious beliefs. The EDL are Nu-Skinheads.

[Image via AP]