When planning their Saved by the Bell-themed dance party this weekend, the Bell House in Brooklyn used an old promo shot of the '80s teen hit for their flyer. The problem is Screech wasn't happy, and asked to be removed.

Upon seeing the poster, the "exclusive rep" for low-life and sex tape peddler Dustin Diamond emailed asking his client's image be removed.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am Dustin Diamond's exclusive rep and I see you have Dustin's picture on your website promoting a Saved By The Bell House Summer Dance Benefit. We are unaware of this event and we are asking politely to remove Dustin's image from the advertising. Unauthorized use of Dustin's images infringes upon his and our rights to promote himself. I have Dustin booked out this weekend and am receiving calls regarding this date which is causing a problem for us. If you are interested in having Dustin, please feel free to call me at my number below.

Yes, there is so much awful confusion about which dance party Dustin Diamond will be at this weekend that it is surely ruining his whole damn career. You know you're hard up when even Elizabeth Berkeley, Lark Voorhees, and the dude who played Mr. Belding have better things to do than worry about who's using their faces on flyers. Hard to be Screech!

And this weekend, do The Sprain at the Bell House for us.