We know that your child is not good enough to get into one of the finer preschools in the New York City metropolitan area. But perhaps you can get your dog into a nice kennel? Well... we'll see.

The WSJ reports in today's "Trendbait Trend Story That Also Features Dog, So You Cannot Resist" story that doggie day cares these days are requiring lengthy applications and "interviews" in order to decide if they will grant you the privilege of paying them money to leave your stupid dog there for a while. Hahahaha! What is the world coming to, etc., [various other complaints]?

It's all very simple, really. There simply aren't enough private school spots for all the kids whose parents are scared to send them to public school. Doggie day cares are clean, centrally located, and generally free of gangs. Little Aiden couldn't get into Dalton, so Dog-ton Doggie Day Care is about the best thing he can get. He can learn to crawl, chew, bark... whatever. Same stuff you learn in any preschool.

Anything but public school.

[WSJ, photo via Shutterstock.com]