Now that the horrible "unending nights of chaos" part of the British riots has started to subside, here comes the insane "unhinged overreacting" part. A judge just threw a six-month prison sentence at a 23-year-old with no previous record in prison.

Nicolas Robinson busted into a supermarket in Brixton and walked out with a case of water worth £3.50 ($5.67). Now he's been sentenced to six months in jail. That will teach the looters… to loot more than just a case of water. 'Cause if you're going to prison for six months, you might as well try stealing something good, like a plasma TV.

Meanwhile, in absurd empty gestures, British Prime Minister David Cameron has proposed a crackdown on people wearing facemasks, and social media. Next, up, David Cameron will announce a ban on three people standing together, since "trio" is an anagram of "riot," and a ban on all commerce, so that rioters won't actually have anything to loot, should unrest break out again.

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