George Soros, Al Gore's favorite billionaire, was sued for $50 million in Manhattan yesterday by his ex-girlfriend, Brazilian soap star Adriana Ferreyr. She claims that Soros reneged on his promise to give her a $1.9 million New York apartment and that he beat her.

Apparently Soros, 80, bought an apartment on East 85th Street for Ferreyr, 28, but before she could move in, he broke up with her. According to Ferreyr, they briefly got back together, and after sleeping with her, Soros whispered in her ear that he gave the apartment to another woman. Naturally they fought—because who wouldn't fight with a man that just told you he gave your $1.9 million apartment to some other broad?—and Ferreyr claims Soros slapped her and choked her and threw a glass lamp at her, which cut her foot. There's a police report of the incident, but Soros claims he didn't hit his then girlfriend or throw anything at her.

He then offered to buy Ferreyr another more expensive apartment, but the Indian giver (can I say that? Is that racist?) took away that one too. Then they broke up for good. Soros really comes off like a jerk in this lawsuit against him but, well, I guess that's the point. Maybe Ferreyr is really a Republican operative or something trying to besmirch the Democratic check writer? I wouldn't put it past the GOP to play dirty like that.

[Daily Mail, images via Getty]