William Boyland Jr., a Democratic New York state assemblyman from Brooklyn, was driving his Yukon down Sutter Ave. in Brownsville last night with his seven year-old son. Then—hello!—somebody started shooting, and a bullet blasted out his back window.

Neither Boyland nor his son were hurt, and police say there's no evidence he was specifically targeted. But there is still a good conspiracy theory! From the NYDN:

The shooting comes more than a week after locals rallied against Boyland for driving past a prayer vigil for 13-year-old Kira Goddard after she was killed July 30. Boyland honked his car horn and waved at mourners, but never stopped to pay his respects.

Insufficiently mournful of a tragic death? DIE.

In any case, this incident just goes to show the need for more tax cuts for the rich.

[Photo: AP]