We've all been on some pretty bad flights. But a JetBlue flight from Oregon to JFK yesterday, well, ew.

First, an 18-year-old named Robert Vietze somehow consumed eight alcoholic drinks on the plane. He got up to relieve himself, but instead of finding the bathroom he found a sleeping 11-year-old girl's leg: "I was drunk, and I did not realize I was pissing on her leg," Vietze told police. What a great way to wake up, no? The girl's father was pretty upset and dropped a bunch of F-bombs, and flight attendants had to take Vietze to the back of the plane presumably to save him from a beatdown. And after that settled down, another passenger puked all over himself. As the Post notes, the flight crew spent the rest of the flight "raiding the liquid-soap container." Vietze was escorted away by four cops and was issued a summons for indecent exposure.

Feel free to outgross this one in the comments.

[NYP; image via Flickr/Laughing Squid]