A Florida man is under arrest after attempting to run away from police who were responding to complaints that he'd been disgusting McDonald's patrons by popping zits on his back.

Owen Lemire Kato, 23, had apparently stationed himself outside a McDonald's restaurant in Cape Coral on Monday, and proceeded to squeeze pimples on his back for the next ten minutes. After a number of customers formally gagged their opposition to this activity, Kato was then approached by an off-duty police officer, who asked his name.

Kato initially told him it was John Smith, but then gave his real name and date of birth. The cooperation ended there as the suspect allegedly decided to flee.

Another officer nearby noticed Kato run past his cruiser as he heard the call go out over the radio about the disturbance.

After a foot chase, Kato was tackled and taken into custody.

After a search, police turned up a syringe in his pocket, which his girlfriend later explained that Kato uses to inject "blues" — aka Oxycontin — into his veins.

Suddenly I'm craving a Big Macne and fries. Supersize me! [Fort Myers News-Press, mugshot via Lee County Sheriff's Officer]