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When the subway pulls into your station, you never know what you're going to find. You might end up sitting next to a passed out junkie in a wheelchair, you might get stuck on the dreaded "stinky car," or, worst of all, there might be a bunch of tacky assholes who took over the train with their party.

Just look at these jerks who painted their faces, put on their best polo shirts, and took over a whole subway car with their drunken revelry. Don't they understand that other people have to take the train too? That it's not their for their own personal amusement? The subway is not your personal nightclub with a $2.25 cover charge. It is a mode of transportation that thousands—no, millions—of weary New Yorkers have to share and while you are having the memories of a lifetime, you are basically ruining tons of other people's Saturday nights with your "awesome, bro!" shenanigans.

And then you go and make a video of it to show the world how fucking badass you are that you partied on the subway. Except it's not badass at all. There are people playing bongo drums and the saxophone and it's set to a song by LMFAO. Really? What, you couldn't get the rights to something by the Black Eyed Peas? Could you have picked a more trite, cliche, and utterly played out song? So, no, Joe Spiteri, we are not amused by your little subway party. Next time, keep it to the Murray Hill karaoke bars where you belong.