Since it's apparently still 1963, Gloria Steinem is still waging war on the Playboy Club, but this time she's fighting The Playboy Club, calling for a boycott of the NBC show that premieres this fall. Don't worry, Gloria, this piece of crap is going to fail on its own!

Steinem, who went undercover at the real club in New York City to write an expose about its awful and sexist ways, doesn't want the place glamorized by the current generation. We don't blame her, and thanks to Gloria we now have an ideological excuse not to tune into this Mad Men rip off in which a Playboy bunny murders someone with a high heel in the first episode. (No, I did not make that up.) Steinem, who has a documentary about her life coming to HBO next week, did not offer any opinion on Pan Am, the other shitty-looking '60s set show premiering this fall. Now, which former stewardess is going to come out to decry it to let us off the hook for watching that one?

[Images via Getty, NBC]