Reggie Bush texts Kim incessantly, begging her ditch Kris at the altar. George Clooney's female wrestler lover sleeps over. Angelina dodges rioters in London. Ali Lohan is officially more bankable than Lindsay. Wednesday gossip is the one that got away.

  • Is Kim Kardashian's NFL ex Reggie Bush trying to win her back from NBA fiance Kris Humphries, mere days before their wedding?! Reggie has been "sending text messages to Kim and leaving her voicemails, telling her she's making a mistake and that he's the one for her," and even got a friend to call Kim while she was at a dress fitting session at Vera Wang, unreliable sources say. Hopefully this culminates in a Reggie Bush cameo during the "Speak now or forever hold your peace" part of Kim's wedding spectacular, which is now the platonic ideal for when "Speak now or forever hold your peace" interruptions can happen. In fact, if a SNOFHYP interruption doesn't happen at Kim's wedding, then we can conclude that no SNOFHYP will ever happen in reality, ever. ("Reality" being a subjective term and not applicable to cast members from The Bachelor.) Millionaire momager Kris Jenner: Pull some cash and/or blackmail materials together, and make Reggie an offer he can't refuse. This needs to happen. [L&S, P6, images via Getty]
  • With riots and turmoil at a fever pitch in London, I know what you must be thinking: "How are Angelina Jolie and the kids handling the riots?" While Brad Pitt films a movie in Cornwall, Angie and the baby collective are "a little nervous" but "safe" in their temporary home in London. They hired an extra bodyguard. [Us]

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are "trying for a baby," an act that requires "hiring a private chef and doing at least 45 minutes of yoga daily." Rich people! They even mate differently. [Us]

  • Ali Lohan signed a modeling contract with NEXT. Previous experience includes standing behind Lindsay when the paparazzi around, and modeling for Lindsay's leggings brand. She celebrated by joining Twitter. [JJ, E!, @AlianaTLohan]
  • Here's a video of Tom Cruise proving his heterosexuality by squeezing Katie Holmes butt at a Katy Perry concert that was delayed 15 minutes because they were late. Katy promised she would save "Teenage Dream" until Tom was there, to help him get in the mood for his contractually obligated monthly display of marital affection. [TMZ]
  • Samantha Ronson was official charged with misdemeanor DUI for the time she failed a breathalyzer at 10AM. She faces up to six months in jail, but as a first time offender, will probably just get probation. That may sound light, but remember: DUI-related probation is how LiLo started her life of crime, too. [TMZ]
  • Here's what Lindsay Lohan has done since her judge reprimanded her for failing to do her court-ordered 480 hours of community service: Partied at Lollapalooza; partied at a Coldplay concert; partied alone, crying and screaming; partied while wearing a Butthole Surfers t-shirt; partied at Paris Hilton's house. Now she's begging her "advisers" to let her go to Europe with Paris, to party some more. [Radar]
  • How Katherine Schwarzenegger is dealing with her parents' divorce: "I'm like, retail therapy all the way." [Bazaar]
  • Aretha Franklin got out of a parking ticket by giving the cop an autograph. Should have forced her to sing. [P6]
  • Robert Pattinson wears mandals. [Popsugar]
  • Mila Kunis on dropping 20 lbs. for Black Swan: "I'm a huge foodie, I love food. But when people say, "I can't lose weight", no no no, you can. Your body can do everything and anything, you just have to want to do it." Having a multi-million-dollar payday on the other end helps, too. [DailyMail]
  • George Clooney's female pro-wrestler lover Stacy Keibler spent the night at his house. "They're basically exclusive at this point." [Us]
  • Rachel Uchitel is "considering" a move to San Francisco. "When we asked her for comment on her move, we got spam from her e-mail account pointing us to a site selling Viagra and Cialis." Hah. [P6]