A 43-year-old dentist from the Chicago area, William Anthony Howe is recovering in the hospital after he crashed head-on into another car on the interstate last Saturday. Howe was going the wrong way and the two people in the car he crashed into are dead. And it gets worse: A witnesses told the Chicago Tribune that Howe "was rifling around his passenger seat and picked up a handful of cash and threw it out the window." Several cars pulled over to grab the money. Shockingly, Howe was driving a red Porsche. So, why would some dickhead in a Porsche make it rain while driving the wrong way on the interstate? This could have something to do with it:

According to Naperville police, Howe was stopped at midnight on Sunday, February 6, exactly six months prior to last weekend's fatal crash. He was charged with driving under the influence of drugs and having an expired registration. The local dentist was released on $3,000 bail.

While Howe's dentist's license is current, the phone has been disconnected at his last known office address. He had filed for bankruptcy several years ago and in May the IRS hit him with an $11,000 tax lien.

[Image via AP]