The worst show of the new season is on ABC and is called Work It. It is unbelievably horrible. Even the 90-second trailer is too long to tolerate. This thing puts Cop Rock, Viva Laughlin!, and even That Show With Heather Graham that Got Canceled After One Episode to shame. Behold!

We know that they talked about this Sunday at the Television Critics Association junket, when the TV channels show off their new wares to the press, but this thing is so terrible it took a few days to register in our brain. It's like when you're dreaming and you're so afraid that you scream but the situation is so awful the scream can't be heard. That is what this show is like.

Work It is basically Bosom Buddies in reverse, where two macho straight guys live as men but have to work as women. Then there are lots of jokes about them interacting with real women who don't know that they are all men. Where do they get their jobs, the Helen Keller Foundation for the Functionally Deaf and Blind? And why are the drag queens dressed in Delta Burke's old clothing from Designing Women? Were they just hanging around the wardrobe department and were the only things that would fit these guys?

The one joke this show is based on isn't even funny, how do they expect this thing to go on for seasons? I can't even imagine what plots they'll have left after four seasons. Screw that, I can't imagine what else they'll have to say after four episodes.

But now, they're still going to release this abomination on the airwaves and pretend like people are going to watch it. ABC, save yourselves some time an embarrassment and euthanize this...this...this...thing right now. There's still time.