Who among us hasn't walked into an Apple store and secretly thought, "Damn, I'd love to loot this place." All those huge, bright windows and all those pricey iPhone 4s waiting to be hurled through them! Apple knows how you feel: The company is locking down its UK stores like Alcatraz.

Twitter user Terry Allen posted the picture above of an Apple store in Liverpool with its merchandise locked up. In London's West End, the Apple store is being guarded by a phalanx of cops: "Vans are parked… directly outside the store," writes Speakapple.net.

If this Craigslist post is to be believed, it appears someone may have already made off with some Apple booty from an O2 cell phone store: They're selling 40 Apple iPhone 4s. Of course, maybe they just bought 10 for each member of their family and had second-thoughts. [via The Next Web]