You know that actors, reality show hosts, and network news anchors make tons of cash, right? But just how much do they make? And who makes more than their fellow stars on shows? And why is Ashton Kutcher the highest paid actor on TV? Let's find out.

Well, there is absolutely no explanation for why Ashton Kutcher makes as much money as he does. According to TV Guide Magazine's new survey, Ashton Kutcher's $700,000 an episode salary on Two and a Half Men is the highest of anyone on a sitcom, but is tied with House's Hugh Laurie in the salary sweepstakes. That's about $18 million a year assuming the typical 26 episodes. The sick thing is Charlie Sheen was TV's highest paid actor last year, making $1.2 million an episode for the same show. So the show's producers are actually saving money, but how anyone will be saved from the disaster of Two and a Half Men is beyond me. Jon Cryer, Kutcher's new castmate, only makes $600,000 an episode, and Angus T. Jones, who plays Cryer's son on the series, gets even less: $250,000. Guess he's even less than half a man.

The biggest disparity between people on the same show, though, is on NBC's The Voice, where Christina Aguilera makes $225,000 an episode but her cohorts Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, and that country guy make only $75,000 per show. That's gotta sting.

As for the lowest paid actors on TV, well, it's not really Blake Lively, but she's making a paltry $60,000 an episode for Gossip Girl. No wonder she wants to break out and mumble her way through a few Hollywood blockbusters.

The most shocking numbers—at least to me—were on TV news. The highest paid man in news is Matt Lauer who rakes in $17 million a year for the Today show. Brian Williams makes $4 million less and still manages to dress better than Lauer. Diane Sawyer makes $12 million and Anderson Cooper makes $11 million, just slightly more than Bill O'Reilly's $10 million. Damn, even I'd be willing to sell my soul to Fox News for $10 million a year!

[TV Guide, images via Getty]