As looting and rioting continues across London for a fourth evening, residents are steeling themselves for another night of mayhem. Here's what parts of the city looked like before nightfall, as officers battled rioters, fires continued to burn, and optimistic store owners began the cleanup process.

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A Sony warehouse smolders after it was set ablaze last night. [Photo via AP]

A destroyed bus in south London. [Photo via AP]

Police detain a looter. [Photo via AP]

Volunteers attempting to clean up east London. [Photo via AP]

A burned-out car in west London. [Photo via AP]

Boris Johnson, London's mayor, with local residents. [Photo via AP]

Prime Minister David Cameron and Acting Borough Police Commander Superintendent Jo Oakley survey the damage in south London. [Photo via AP]

A police officer investigates shattered windows at a Starbucks. [Photo via AP]

Employees clean up their looted store. [Photo via AP]

Residents of Clapham, London inspect the damage looters caused. [Photo via AP]

A storefront is cordoned off after damage caused by looters. [Photo via AP]

An injured police officer in south London. [Photo via AP]

Firefighters outside smoldering storefronts. [Photo via AP]

A sporting goods store left in disarray by looters. [Photo via AP]

Volunteers prepare to clean up the damage. [Photo via AP]

A furniture store in south London destroyed by fire. [Photo via AP]