It wouldn't be August without a monster attack, so we're going to try to invent one. Just what is this flying beast attacking passengers on a flight from Madison, Wisconsin, to Atlanta? No one knows!

The video turned up on CNN's iReport, where citizen "reporters" upload pictures and videos and tell stories about them. You can clearly see something flapping and furry going up and down the aisle. According to the iReporter Mike Schmidt, it was then trapped in the rear bathroom of the plane.

Because of this, the flight was diverted back to Madison where passengers were booked on another flight to Atlanta. CNN called Delta, the airline that is apparently home to creepy hell demons, and they confirmed there was a UFO on the flight and that's why it was grounded. Okay, maybe not. But Delta said they "couldn't confirm" if the creature was a bat (as the iReporter seemed to think), a bird, or something spawned from the loins of Satan himself. We definitely think it was the latter. And, guess what, the creature was never found! Insert Twilight Zone theme song noise here.

[via Neatorama]