Here's a redband (meaning: NSFW) trailer for the upcoming comedy The Sitter, a David Gordon Green-directed, Jonah Hill-starring swear- and sexapalooza that's sure to have everyone giddy with titillation.

I mean, maybe? Jonah Hill is a talented fellow, and there are definitely genuine laffs in this preview, but I'm kinda tired of all the swearing and filth talk. Not that swears and frank sexual dialog can't be funny, of course they can be funny, but when they're used at the expense of the characters seeming remotely believable, it begins to be a problem. Like, does anyone actually stand on their porch in broad daylight and say out loud to someone "Thank you so much for going down on me"? I don't think so! Sure it's just a silly movie so there can be silly people saying silly things in it, but c'mon. C'mon with that stuff.

Other than that gripe, which is probably not a gripe to you just to me because I am an old lady, I will probably watch this! It's funny when Jonah Hill whispers menacingly at kids, plus that cute old man who calls him a badass motherfucker is enjoyable. I just wish they'd can it with the potty talk for potty talk's sake. That's all. I fucking hate that pointless horse shit.